• November 20th | Unmasking Bias: Overcoming Subjectivity in Neurological Diagnoses
    By Sai Mattapalli and Rohan Kalahasty, Founders and CEOs — Vytal The medical field is full of technological innovation, with plenty of exciting new technologies that could improve patient care. One of the most exciting innovations in the medical industry is gaze tracking. This technology is based on the concept that the eyes are a […]
  • August 11th | The Summer of Loving LA 
    The New Normal in LA is Back to Normal In the same way that you don’t notice your kids growing up day-to-day, but others exclaim how much the kids have changed when they haven’t seen them in a while — the people living in LA are not as keen to how dramatically the city has […]
  • April 23rd | Finding Your Way to Peaceful Parenting
    Parenting expert Kiva Schuler looks at a radically different way to parent, where we examine our behaviors, expectations, and values as parents and stop asking so many questions about how to get children to behave To raise happier humans with the courage and self-image to be risk-takers, change-makers, and creators, we need to redefine our roles […]
  • April 6th | I got Invisalign in my 50s, and here’s my honest review
    I had braces when I was in third, fourth and fifth grade. After that, I had a retainer for less than a year, but I kept losing it and breaking it, so my parents refused to get me another. They and I had no idea that not wearing a retainer meant my teeth would shift […]
  • April 6th | You’ll Want to Show Off These No-Show Socks
    I love socks. Some may say I have a sock fetish. Slipping on a cozy, well-fitting sock that caresses my foot can make my whole day. I have a sock drawer that is overflowing, and unfortunately, many of those socks I never wear because they don’t fit right. So they crowd my sock drawer until […]
  • December 14th | Loving LA Despite Itself
    How a Black Eye Made Me Remember Why I Keep Going Back to LA I usually visit Los Angeles a couple of times a year, returning to the hangouts I frequented when I lived in the city six years ago. I also make it a mission on each trip to discover new places and adventures. […]
  • December 4th | The Smartphone Case Gift Guide
    The Case of the Best-Case Scenario for Smartphone Cases for Christmas Lots of people will be getting new iPhones for Christmas, and the first thing they must have is a great case. OtterBox has been my go-to for stylish and highly functional cases since I started carrying a mobile phone – well, maybe my first […]
  • August 17th | Political Discussions In The Classroom
    With students nationwide already back in school for the 2022-2023 year and midterm elections around the corner, political discussions are sure to come up in classrooms. Dr. Suzanne Barchers, Education Advisor/Vice President of Curriculum at Lingokids, says there are ways to approach sensitive subjects without upsetting the applecart, but there are rules to follow. In this […]
  • December 21st | Converting a basement corner into a pandemic podcast studio
    The coronavirus pandemic brought about changes in people’s habits and their habitats as they adapted to a new normal. Not only did we work and school from home, but we also sought new pastimes, ways to connect with each other and new sources of information and entertainment. During the pandemic, the number of podcasters and […]
  • October 5th | Want a New Car? You’d be Lucky to Get Into These SUV Options
    If you’ve driven past any car dealerships lately you’ve certainly noticed the empty lots. In case you haven’t heard, due to the pandemic-driven work-stoppage-labor shortage-supply-chain-issues, there is an extreme scarcity of microchips used to operate the electronic systems of most modern vehicles, resulting in a nationwide dearth of new cars. Consumers in need of a […]
  • September 1st | Three Essentials for Easy Riding
    Crank it up your biking experience with these must-haves   When enjoying a bike ride, besides the scenery and company, your gear makes up a large part of a bike riding experience. Here are a few must-haves for the road or trail rider to make your outing on two wheels carefree and pleasant. Smart conversation […]
  • August 11th | Almost unmasking LA before a summer surge sent us packing
    Trying to stay ahead of the curve during a pandemic vacay to LA I went back to Los Angeles this summer, taking a vacation from my new hometown of Washington, D.C. My second trip to the city since the start of the pandemic started much better than when I visited over spring break, in April […]
  • May 30th | Los Angeles reopens to a new normal, Hollywood style
    As the pandemic fades away, LA prepares for what’s next When I checked into the Portofino Hotel and Marina in Redondo Beach, I saw a sign in the lobby that said, “Stay safe, start living.” That set the tone for my first trip to Los Angeles since the pandemic started. I had previously canceled two […]
  • May 16th | Getting a TikTok-loving tech-obsessed teen outdoors
    A ride on the wild side Like many ‘tween and teen boys, my son played a lot of Fortnite. Okay, too much Fortnite. Hours and hours of Fortnite, sometimes through the night. When he wasn’t playing Fortnite, he was on group chats with his friends or watching TikToks.  I tried to get him involved in […]
  • December 10th | 5 Gifts for a Pandemic Holiday
    We’re all ready for 2020 to end, but the reality is the pandemic will linger into 2021. Give your loved ones a gift that helps them get through these tough times and prepares them for the new normal, which we all hope will be a wonderous New Year! Zoom in on Work Posture It’s important […]
  • August 29th | Home for the quarantine
    Make the best of being stuck at home with these five cabin-fever killers Maybe you once dreamed of how great it would be to cut your commute and work from home full time. Perhaps you imagined the domestic bliss of home-schooling your kids and having more quality time with the family. Now, that’s your reality […]
  • March 8th | The fast and casual way to dine around the world
    From Mexican to Mediterranean, enjoy mixing and making your own meals at these popular DIY eateries With so many fast-casual concept restaurants popping up, it’s hard to tell the difference between them. The flavor of the day is a semi-DIY assembly line approach to making a meal, where the customer picks the main component of […]
  • January 21st | Real-life street performers take their show on the road with electrifying VOLTA
    Cirque du Soleil’s VOLTA mash-up of stunts astonishes and inspires crowds of all ages When I was 10 years old, my parents took me and my brother to see the circus. We never went again, because my dad said, “If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.” That was of course before Cirque du Soleil, […]
  • January 14th | Five Easy Ways to Free Your Mind and Body of Stress
    Life hacks to rest your mind and revive your soul Do I live to work, or work to live? That is the question I always ask myself, as I rinse and repeat every day.  As a multi-tasking mom, I go to work, come home, make dinner, clean dishes, and then try to spend a little […]
  • January 5th | Beauty for the next decade
    Bring your beautiful self into focus in 2020 with beauty products that bring out your best Naturally beautiful Saje Natural Wellness formulates 100-percent natural products that tap into the power of plants to heal and promote wellness. For glowing, healthy skin, the ultra-rich Sweet Dreams ($48) nighttime moisturizer rejuvenates skin with a penetrating mixture of plant […]
  • January 1st | Five Delicious Treats to Help You Keep Your Healthy New Year’s Resolutions
    Have a foodie New Year with tasty and good-for-you foods and drinks Raising the keto bar Trying go low carb but can’t sustain a steady diet of beef and cheese? Atlas Bar has the solution in their wildly popular keto-friendly protein bars made with 100% grass-fed whey protein and clean-label, real-food ingredients. These power-packed treats […]
  • December 11th | Holiday gifts for everyone on your list
    These terrific Christmas gifts under your tree are sure to bring joy to all ages It ain’t heavy, it’s my blanket Give the sleepyhead on your list a sound night of slumber with the latest trend in sleep – a weighted  Tranquility blanket. This affordable weighted blanket, available at retailers such as Walmart, uses deep touch pressure to […]
  • December 11th | A wild, winter wonderland in Keystone Colorado
    Colorado’s mountain resort offers a Kidtopia of family activities What makes Colorado’s Keystone Resort a family destination is much more than its Kidtopia of children’s activities or other kid-friendly events and attractions. The idea of families spending time together in the historic ski resort community is as old as its hills. In the 1930s the resort became […]
  • June 12th | First Time to LEGOLAND is a Charm
    The Good, the Rad, and the Fun at Southern California’s Theme Park for Young Children and Kids of All Ages By Sueli Hasten My 10-year-old son loves building with LEGOs, and he loves theme parks, so we had high expectations for our first visit to LEGOLAND California.  We were thrilled that it was all we hoped for, […]
  • June 1st | The ultimate gift guide for grads
    Six awesome gifts that will make graduates want to toss their caps Commencement is a time of celebration, whether your grad is going on to middle school, high school, college, or the world. Mark this rite of passage with a gift that stays with them for the years ahead. A great, long ride It will […]
  • April 16th | Dress down, up on the mountain
    Get mountain chic and elevate your style on your next alpine excursion Head to the hills in fashion, equipped with attire and gear that will outfit you for the outdoors. A little ditty Basic economy air travel can save you a few bucks if you pack right, or it will cost you an arm and a […]
  • January 9th | The outdoors enthusiast’s essential gear list
    Must-haves for your next adventure Get out and enjoy the great outdoors with these proven products that will keep you going – climbing, camping, fishing, hiking, mountain biking and doing whatever you do in the wild, in style, comfort and with gusto.    Get down tonight When the weather outside is frightful, it’s time to […]
  • January 4th | Happy new gear: tech trends for 2019
    Plug into the latest tech trends for 2019 and stay smart and charged up year-round Smart stuff Never again have that empty feeling when you run out of your favorite snack, with Weplenish ($39.99, Amazon). This amazing smart endless snack dispenser takes count of your snacks and automatically re-orders them when the container is running […]
  • December 27th | Figueroa Phillys Serves Up Authentic Eats for Discerning Cheesesteak Fans
    Former stand-up comedian leaves the stage, gets rave reviews for his crowd-pleasing subs With franchise sub shops on every block serving up mass-produced generic sub sandwiches, many of us have forgotten what a true Philly cheesesteak tastes like. If you want to experience the real deal — the Philly cheesesteak that hardcore Philadelphians clamored for […]
  • December 16th | It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas
    Moodo smart-release fragrance diffuser spruces up your home, apartment, or office Add some atmosphere to your holidays with Moodo, the first smart-home aroma diffuser. This room-freshening device sends scents into air with the touch of a button, using an app on your phone, or on the device itself. You can even link it to Alexa […]
  • December 9th | Five of LA’s best sports bars to watch the Super Bowl
    The Super Bowl LIII is set to take place on February 3, 2019 at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. Of course, nothing compares to watching the game in person. But not everyone is blessed with the funds to attend. Luckily, sports fans who want to watch the Super Bowl with a crowd of fellow […]
  • December 9th | 12 Great Gifts for the 12 days of Christmas
    In the classic folk Christmas carol, The 12 Days of Christmas, the festivities of Twelvetide kick off on Christmas day and are celebrated with a gift given by a lover to his beloved, one each day for a dozen days. For those who want to follow tradition, here are some grand gifts worth singing about […]
  • November 27th | Mom of preemie twins transformed by near-death experience shares her journey to help others
    When her high-risk pregnancy endangered her life and her babies’ lives, she used the experience to teach other moms how to better communicate with doctors Crystal Duffy went into her high-risk pregnancy like many other mothers, trusting in her doctors and expecting the best outcome. As many expectant mothers learn, things don’t always go as […]
  • October 29th | When Doing Less is More, in Kaua’i
    To each her own Kaua’i, the Hawaiian Island where adventure beckons and leisure reigns   They say that each of the Hawaiian Islands has its own personality, and it did not take more than a few hours for me to figure out the character of Kaua’i.  Just ask any Hawaiian and you will get schooled on […]
  • October 28th | Luxury lodging without the Beverly Hills Markup at Hotel Elan
    Boutique style and comfort close by WeHo and Beverly Hills Elan Hotel is a rare find in Los Angeles – lodging smack-dab in the middle of some of the city’s most desirable attractions – yet reasonably priced. For a luxury boutique hotel at the crossroads of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, one would expect a […]
  • September 9th | Your own private peninsula at Portofino Hotel & Marina
    Redondo Beach’s boutique hotel offers visitors what they want from a waterfront hotel Sometimes the road less traveled is the simply the one that others have not yet discovered, and that’s fine with me, if I get to keep the best-kept-secret of The Portofino Hotel & Marina to myself. Well, maybe it’s not just I who […]
  • August 19th | LA is seeing Pink Dots again
    LA’s legendary Pink Dot rises again with craft cocktails and fresh fare on demand When I moved to LA nearly 19 years ago, my new bestie told me the joke of how she knew when her neighbor was on a bender.  The Pink Dot VW bug was basically on shuttle mode, appearing in his driveway […]
  • August 18th | Cadillac’s crossover XT5 makes long drives a pleasure
    Traveling light in the tech-heavy luxury crossover The approximate three-hour drive from Los Angeles to San Diego can stretch to four or more hours, in the wrong conditions, like on a Friday after work, but in the Cadillac XT5 (2019 model starting at $41,695), even the peak of rush hour is comfortable and pleasurable ride. […]
  • August 18th | Tumbi Takes Modern Indian Cuisine to the Next Level
    From street food to haute cuisine, Santa Monica Indian eatery is an epicurean journey across India Forget everything you know about Indian food when you step into Tumbi. On a trendy stretch of Santa Monica Boulevard, where a common Indian restaurant would not survive the what’s-next Westsider crowd, this upscale craft Indian kitchen is bustling, even on […]
  • August 13th | One fine San Diego
    A short list of best places to visit around the city called America’s finest Before I moved to Southern California, I asked some natives advice on where to live. They told me pros and cons of the major cities, but no one had anything bad to say about San Diego. The more time I spend […]
  • August 8th | JSix Degrees of Deliciousness
    San Diego’s Jsix offers American-Filipino fare at its finest Named for its location at the corner of J Street and Sixth streets adjacent to the Kimpton Hotel Solamar in the East Village, JSix is known for its California Cuisine with Filipino influences from Executive Chef Anthony Sinsay. The garage-door-sized dining room windows allow guests to enjoy […]
  • August 8th | San Diego’s OB Surf Lodge is a beachy place to eat
    Ocean Beach après surf hangout offers more than expected If beach casual is your thing, the OB Surf Lodge, located on the corner of Santa Monica Avenue and Abbott Street in Ocean Beach, offers everything you’d expect from a casual beach bar and restaurant. For starters, there’s the spectacular view from the dining room, which […]
  • July 2nd | Camp Beverly Hills – Glamping SoCal Style
    Taking it easy while roughing it Many of my fondest childhood memories are from summer camp — minus the time a huge hairy spider jumped onto my sleeping bag. That traumatizing incident aside, I loved camping as a kid; but as I have gotten older, and dare I say more delicate, my favorite thing about […]
  • July 1st | A little North Italia, in the middle of Santa Monica
    A warm Italian welcoming and abudanza  awaits at Santa Monica’s North Italia restaurant From first blush I liked North Italia. And yes, that is an allusion to the fine list of vino, but first, let’s talk atmosphere. On a Friday night, the place was bustling. The vibe was lively and friendly. Like a hot night club, […]
  • June 21st | Awesome summer stuff for the whole family
    The weather is hot, the pool is cool, the kids are out of school. Here’s what you need indoors and outdoors, for fun in the sun and summer entertaining. Glide through summer Cruise through the neighborhood, head to the pool, or coast over to your BFF’s house, and arrive like a rock star on the […]
  • June 15th | Man Gifts for the Guy Who Has Everything
    He won’t have to fake that he loves it, when you give him one of these manly gifts   When you need a gift for the guy in your life, but you just don’t know what to get your boyfriend-husband-dad-brother-uncle-nephew-best man, etc, that he can really use, look no further than this list of things […]
  • June 4th | A vacation back in time at the Hotel Del Coronado
    Guests retreat to the historic The Del to visit an era of simple pleasures Visiting Hotel Del Coronado on Coronado Island is like a step back in time, with all the amenities of modern life, in surroundings that remind you that others came before you — epochs before — to enjoy this same, timeless fresh sea […]
  • June 3rd | Five best little hotels in Los Angeles
    Small but grand hotels for travelers looking for a home-away-from-home in LA Los Angeles is a vast city full of diversity, where visitors and denizens can get whatever they want, whenever they want it, including hotel amenities.  As a leisure or business traveler in LA, you can find lodging from the most over-the-top in extravagance […]
  • May 29th | Teaching children tolerance in an age of intolerance
    Why is the message of tolerance and inclusion an important message for children to hear today? by Kevin Christofora One of my favorite metaphors is that of the American ‘melting pot’: this idea that our country is made up of a whole host of ethnicities, religions, and viewpoints that all come together to create something beautiful and […]
  • May 28th | Cool summer stuff you will be glad you’ve got when it’s hot outside
    Essentials for fun in the sun, entertaining and vacationing all summer long Got Game Hitting the road with kids for a long drive to your summer vacay spot can mean hours of, “Are we there yet?” Or, with the coolest of old-school electronics, Mini Arcade Games ($19.99, Walmart), like Rampage, the kids will be toppling […]
  • May 20th | Marina del Rey: Beach-going made nice and easy
    LA Locals and visitors adore this low-key family friendly waterfront area that offers a little bit of everything Marina del Rey is one of the mellowest beach communities in Los Angeles. With 600 acres of protected natural wetlands on its southern border, making its landscape unique and everlasting, it is quieter and more calm than […]
  • May 20th | Our delectable, Jucy RV vacation
    We camped out in our Jucy van, and that’s alright with me Traveling from across the country to Southern California, it would have been impossible or at least vastly expensive to haul all our camping gear with us for a beach camping excursion. Jucy Trailblazer RV was the solution. This tricked-out Dodge Caravan included everything […]
  • May 11th | How a trusted consultant can help a business grow
    The right consultant for the right business is key to a company’s success Starting a business is a daunting endeavor. Even if we know the nature of our business, running a business is a different matter. Even if you are the best at what you do, and you produce the best widget, it does not […]
  • May 10th | The ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide for every kind of mom
    Moms who love adventure, tech, fashion or beauty will love these awesome Mother’s Day gifts Full Steam a-dress Whether it’s a big day at work, date night with Dad, or off for a vacay, Mom always wants to look her dapper best. The lightweight JOY 900-Watt Supreme Steam Go Mini Steamer ($19.95 at makes […]
  • May 1st | Artificial Intelligence Just Might Save the World
    AI is not just a sci-fi movie plotline, it could be the future of healthcare, among other things The words “artificial intelligence” conjure up fear in many people. We’ve all seen the science fiction movies, where the robots develop minds of their own, and then turn on their human creators. While even in this writer’s […]
  • April 22nd | Cooking With Kids: How To Keep Them Safe And Happy In The Kitchen
    Photo via Pixabay by Mccartyv While it may seem like the last place you want to let a child loose, the kitchen is actually a great place to teach some lifelong lessons and bond with your little one. Baking and cooking can introduce concepts related to science and math and can teach responsibility; it can […]
  • April 15th | Making family memories to last for generations at the Greenbrier
    A visit to the indelible resort steeped in tradition, where families come together to enjoy the grandest things in life Our Greenbrier adventure began with a bit more excitement than our family had anticipated, when we voyaged to the world-renowned resort on a dark and blustery night. We decided it was best to travel a […]
  • April 8th | SciFest in DC brings STEM to life for future innovators of all ages
    Free expo of world’s leading STEM organizations inspires and educates youth, teaching through hands-on experience   The 5th USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo in Washington DC was an incredible event, packed with more than 3,000 hands-on exhibits, attracting more than 350,000 people over the weekend of April 7-8. The Walter E. Washington Convention Center […]
  • March 25th | Ogden’s small-town charm and big-time skiing
    The amiable Utah city that never stops making a name for itself hosts an epic spring snow sports season There’s no equivalent to “Indian summer” for a winter that lingers into the next season, but mountain resorts in Utah would be using that phrase a lot this year. Spring skiing, usually when the snow pack […]
  • March 10th | The share economy teaches us a lesson we learned as toddlers
    Letting others use our stuff, sharing experiences and our space with strangers is creating new livelihood and a new of life for those who care to share Our parents told us it was good manners to share our toys when we were kids. Taking turns and letting others play with our treasured possessions kept things […]
  • February 24th | Will the voice of the future be Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri?
    Voice-commanded devices and their apps are turning up the volume in the market, but who will get your ear? When Apple finally entered the wireless speaker market with HomePod, which can be voice-controlled by Siri, its competitor Sonos, which now responds to voice commands via Amazon’s Alexa, took a swipe at the launch with a […]
  • February 20th | EasyKicks a shoo-in for parents who are always buying kids footwear
    If the shoe fits, wear it; if it doesn’t click on another pair, with EasyKicks shoe club for kids Finally, a subscription service that is easy for me and a real kick for my kid. EasyKicks is a monthly service where subscribers pay a $20 monthly fee and get to pick and have shipped a […]
  • February 17th | Kids that can’t keep still build better brains
    Research shows physical activity fuels kids brains A new study found that kids who get extra physical activity tend to pay more attention in school and perform better in subjects like reading and math. It’s important that parents find fun physical activities that kids will want to put down the controller and get off the couch […]
  • February 4th | Millennials choosing adventures trips for the millennium
    The perfect travel adventure awaits, if you know where to look Many of my friends have children who are awaiting acceptance letters from colleges. Others have grown children who have completed their higher education and now trying to figure out what to do with their lives. It is a time of transition, and it makes […]
  • January 20th | Your maid just might clean out your house
    One in three home contractors flunk background checks I found out the hard way that not finishing on time or making a mess is not the only crime you have to worry about with a home contractor. I had the unfortunately experience of hiring a handyman who came back a few days after he finished […]
  • January 14th | Early entrepreneurship means caring about profit and loss, at every level
    The key to success is looking out for the company’s interests, whether working for yourself or someone else One of my first experiences as an entrepreneur was early in my career, when I was not a business owner, but an employee. I worked for a startup, that now is a global player in the public […]
  • January 14th | Survivalists laugh last
    People who prepare for the worst are the ones who save themselves, and others A lot of jokes are made about fervent survivalists, and they are sometimes the subjects of ridicule, like the character Freida, played by Dale Soules, in the Showtime series Orange is the New Black. Many fans were intrigued to learn that […]
  • January 8th | Consumers are the winners in the new paradigm of brand-and-blogger relationships
    As brands and influencers engage in relationships for their mutual survival, the public is the beneficiary Every day you are probably reading content that is the result of a brand’s relationship with a blogger or influencer. The reality of today’s media landscape is that there is too much information for anyone to stay informed about […]
  • January 6th | Il Picollo Verde offers LA diners small-town Italian with a big heart
    Il Picollo Verde is fine Italian dining that is approachable in price and atmosphere. The restaurant is relatively small, occupying a long and narrow storefront on Barrington Place in Brentwood Village. The heated patio overlooks a relatively quiet street, and is almost as large as the cozy restaurant inside. For those opting for the dining room, […]
  • January 6th | Downtown LA’s Miro offers a brunch for worth a trip into the city
    The restaurant known for its downstairs whiskey bar gets its early on with a delightful Saturday morning brunch It used to be that Downtown LA was like Wall Street on the weekends, vacant and quiet, especially on Saturdays, but slowly and steadily, chic and inviting restaurants like Miro are changing that. Because no other premiere […]
  • January 4th | Choosing a winning lawyer
    The best legal advise you can get, is to get a good lawyer There’s a joke in the legal profession that the person who represents himself or herself has a fool for a client. Indeed, the legal field is, to say the least, very complicated to navigate on one’s own. Lawyers have pretty much solidified […]
  • December 17th | Living large in a Lincoln Navigator, and loving it
    Family Size Matters By golly, bigger is better, at least when it comes to the Lincoln navigator. I’ve been driving an SUV for the past 11 years, but driving the Navigator was a first-time experience, and a great one — a great, great big one. I was recently given the opportunity to drive around in […]
  • December 14th | Home goods that make the holidays happy
    Holiday gifts that will make a home warm and welcoming, safe and sound Ess-scential candles Even if the weather outside is frightening, you can enjoy nature indoors with the warm, soft light of a candle flame and nature-inspired fragrances from the Heritage Collection by Chesapeake Bay Candle ($15-25). These stylish, modern designed candles can make a home […]
  • December 14th | Girl’s guide to glamping
    Must-have gear for women who love the outdoors but also love creature comforts Hitting the back woods and camping out does not mean you have to completely rough it.  Whether heading for the hills for a weekender with the family or a girls getaway, take along the right gear that will make your next outdoor […]
  • December 6th | A beautiful new you for the New Year
    Look your best for the holiday season and year-round with these beauty boosters Lash out LashControl Squeeze mascara ($18) is the only mascara with squeeze control, featuring a patented tube that dispenses precisely as much mascara as you need on your brush every time you use it. You simply pinch the tube as you pull […]
  • December 6th | Tech the halls 2018 gift guide
    Eight smart gifts of gadgets, toys and accessories for electronics lovers Plug into fun this holiday season with these awesome devices and tech toys that will make the holidays  electric. We will, we will Roku Binge watchers will love the ultimate top-of-the-line streaming device, Roku Ultra, that streams high-quality HD and even 4K video with […]
  • December 5th | Seven stylish gifts for the fashionista on your list
    Dress up the trend setter on your shopping list in these styles that will keep her happy all season These boots were made for power walking Shout “I’m here” without having to say a word in Miss Garcia Hedera boots ($479.16), a bold red skin boot that makes the statement, “unstoppable” with every step.  The […]
  • December 5th | Six stocking stuffers that will knock their socks off
    Surprise your secret Santa with one of these great gifts that come in small packages Stocking up on socks Stuff stockings with stockings, er, well, socks, that will give the recipient good feelings head to toe. Balega Limited Edition Grit and Grace socks ($14) from Enduro are made from US yarn and spun in South Africa, […]
  • December 5th | Five delicious gift ideas for the foodie on your holiday list
    Give the epicureans on your shopping list something to savor with these tasteful gifts Belly up What’s better than bacon? How about bacon as often as you want it? This pork-happy dream can be a reality with Tender Belly, the bacon specialists who use vegetarian-fed pedigreed heritage pigs from sustainable Iowan family farms to create their […]
  • December 5th | The ultimate click-and-gift online holiday gift guide
    Save a trip to the mall by filling up your virtual shopping cart with these great gifts The holidays should be a season of joy, not a marathon of stressful shopping. Make it easy on yourself and order up these sure-to-please gifts, all available online – and in stores – if you must, for everyone […]
  • November 21st | It’s the season for customer success as new shopping rites change
    As the surge in cyber shopping and social media influence on buying decisions has proven to retailers, the landscape for those selling goods and services has altered dramatically in the past few years. No longer do companies have the opportunities interact face-to-face with their customers or even communicate with them on the phone. To compete […]
  • November 7th | How Social Learning is Critical for Academic Success
    The character Sheldon Cooper from the CBS TV show “The Big Bang Theory” is a familiar example from popular culture of an individual who has achieved impressive academic success but experiences difficulty and conflict in his relationships and work life due to his social limitations. While this show provides comedic entertainment for its audience, it […]
  • October 26th | The all-nighter survival kit
    8 items that make the grade for studious students It’s midterm time, and staying up until the wee hours of the morning is an unfortunate reality for hard-studying students, but pulling an all-nighter does not have to be a miserable experience. Here are a few survival items for making the hours go faster and easier […]
  • October 9th | Locando del Lago roasts up a beast of a communal dinner
    Regulars and newbies make a night of the Northern Italian restaurant’s authentic Morso Della Bestia feast of a whole animal When you think of Italian hospitality, you think of the kind of warm familia ambience that welcomes guests at Locanda del Lago; and when you think of the heartiness of a satisfying Italian dinner, it […]
  • October 8th | Fred 62 – They’ve got your number
    Iconic Los Feliz diner serves up everyday, anytime food for everyone I was afraid my picky, eats-like-a-bird 10-year-old son would not find anything to nosh on at Fred 62.  Trained by his health-conscious dad at a young age to have a taste for only healthy, gourmet food, he generally scoffs a restaurant fare, but we […]
  • October 7th | Turningfire brings fresh and inventive fare to satisfy creative types
    Eagle Rock eatery turns up the heat with flavorful rotisserie cuisine Turningfire Modern Rotisserie in Eagle Rock is a year-old restaurant with a fire-brand new concept that is skewering traditional rotisserie cuisine. Michael Rolibi came up with the idea of a rotisserie restaurant with a modern twist in a setting he calls premium casual, which […]
  • October 5th | Outdoor entertainment into autumn, LA style
    Mild temperatures keep LA outdoor nightlife lively into fall LA outdoor nightlife Southern Californians don’t know how lucky they are. While East coasters are storing their patio furniture for the long winter, SoCal dwellers can enjoy shirtsleeves outdoors for months to come. Even at night, when temperatures drop to their lowest, a sweater or light […]
  • October 5th | Girls’ Auto Clinic guide puts women in the driver’s seat, and under the hood
    Engineer creates women’s car care clinic and guide to help women perform basic car fixes and maintenance Patrice Banks’ Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide is just the kind of book my father wished I’d had when I got my first car, and second, and third, and so on. Instead of calling him up or […]
  • October 5th | Hey hey hey, it’s Fat Sal’s
    Unabashed non non-fattening sub and burger restaurant serves up what every bro wants As the name Fat Sal’s Deli implies, you would not expect to find quinoa salads and kale here. This is a burger and sub joint. And also chili, and shakes. The subs are, well, fat, some of them filled with everything but […]
  • October 4th | MePhoto Road Trip Air is the little tripod that could
    The latest in compact tripods comes loaded with features, including a selfie stick The MeFOTO Road Trip Air tripod with built-in selfie stick is a great option for serious photographers that want a steady shot but need portability and options for a full-on SLR camera or a smart phone camera, to adapt to the shooting […]
  • October 4th | Osmo adds STEAM to kids’ coding with new music creator system
    Coding Jam is the latest gameplay system that teaches kids to code while they play The other day my son commanded Google Home to play a custom playlist he had created on a Pandora. Two things occurred to me about this. First, wow. The digitally connected future vision of the The Jetsons was coming true; […]
  • September 26th | Beloved by Walt Disney, Tam O’ Shanter is still serving up legendary prime rib, 95 years later
    Known for its prime rib and Scottish style, LA’s oldest running restaurant hosts Hollywood history you can feast on Tam O’ Shanter is most famous for being the oldest running restaurant in Los Angeles, and if you know anything about the fickle LA culinary crowd, you know this is a notable achievement. Besides its historic […]
  • September 24th | Bubbly kombucha rises up
    Makers of America’s latest craze in probiotic drinks mix up new flavors to satisfy edgy tastes Last month New York Times readers called out the newspaper over its coverage of bubble tea, which was becoming “mainstream,” commented a writer, seemingly unaware that the drink has been popular in America for nearly a decade. The same […]
  • September 22nd | Stranger things, that are good for you
    Odd foods that can turn traditional staples upside down While you are binge watching Netflix’s most esoteric series, Stranger Things, try snacking from the upside down. There is a whole world of strange – or at least unusual – foods, that you might not have ever heard of, that are good for you and just might […]
  • September 19th | Five Back-to-School Body Language Tips to Fight off Bullies
    Expert gives tips for children on posture to express confidence and strength Going back to school should be an exciting time in every child’s or teen’s life. They get to see their friends after the summer break and make new ones. However, a lot of students are faced with severe anxiety and stress when a […]
  • September 19th | How to Make Skateboard at Home
    A step-by-step guide to making your own skateboard Making a skateboard at home is very easy it’s not like a rocket science. Some people feel it’s difficult to make a home but will tell you it is straightforward to make. Anybody can make it at home with a little patience and little knowledge of carpentry […]
  • September 19th | How to get better at skateboarding
    An expert offers tips to budding skaters Are you want to become a professional skateboarder and want to achieve excel in this sport?  If you already know the basic of skateboarding and frustrated that you are not going success to perform amazing stunts that you have seen in internet and TV. Then don’t worry. By […]
  • September 14th | Combating learning loss over school breaks
    Preventing academic backsliding takes effort Kids are back to school, and parents, kids, teachers and just about everyone agrees, summer is too short. But educators all agree that one aspect of summer makes it too long, and that is learning loss. This is defined as the amount of education that children forget over their summer break. After […]
  • September 14th | Auto maker address deadly mistake of kids left in cars
    More children get left in cars during back-to-school season GMC has announced a new vehicle feature to help prevent caregivers from accidentally leaving children in cars, which can be a fatal mistake in hot weather. GMC’s “Rear Seat Reminder” is an industry-first technology intended to help remind the driver to look in the rear seat […]
  • September 14th | Modern romance survey reveals women want substance, not candy and flowers
    Less than 1% of women prefer romantic gestures over quality attention When it comes to modern romance, chocolate no longer cuts it.  This is according to a recent survey insight into how people really feel about modern-day relationships. The good news? Romance isn’t dead. In fact, 95% of the 2,000 men and women surveyed consider […]
  • September 3rd | Kicking off football season Hollywood style with Danny Trejo
    Nothing goes with LA football like a tacos and donuts.  Not to be outdone by anyone’s fonut, Los Angeles Trejo’s Coffee and Donuts created a Rams-themed donut and football-themed taco, which will be available starting September 5, just in time to kick off football season, ushered in by stops around LA by the Trejo’s food […]
  • August 29th | How to Teach Children Financial Literacy
    Fiscal responsibility is not  taught in schools but essential for children to learn Nearly one quarter of US states receive a failing grade when it comes to teaching kids personal finance in schools. Twelve states don’t attempt to teach it at all. This could be one of the reasons that only 35% of credit card […]
  • August 28th | Single Parent Solo Travel Done Right
    Tips For Planning Ahead And Staying Safe Single parents tend to be so busy taking care of their children, home, and work responsibilities that self care ends up at the bottom of the to-do list. Taking a vacation on your own is a great way to recharge, but there are some planning and safety tips […]
  • August 26th | Three Traits all Successful Entrepreneurs Should Have
    How thought leaders live and work leads to success   As an entrepreneur myself and as a consultant to entrepreneurs, I have seen common characteristics in those who have excelled and succeeded in their industry space. No matter if their business is food or fossil fuel, successful founders and leaders all have these same three […]
  • August 24th | Six best brunches in West LA
    Beachside Brunchin’   There’s no better way to brunch than being near the ocean while sippin’ on a mimosa or Bloody Mary. After all, brunch without booze is just a sad breakfast. While Los Angeles is known for having some of the best brunch spots, we want to shed some light on the west side. Here […]
  • August 19th | How to safely view the total eclipse
    This astronomical event is a must-see, but see it safely Unless you’ve been under a rock, you know that August 21 is the date of a total solar eclipse, the first mainland America has seen in yearly 40 years. During this historic event, the sun, which is 400 times larger than the moon, will cross […]
  • August 19th | 10 must-haves for end-of-summer
    Last-days-of summer essentials that will make the fun last   A hot Indian summer can last for weeks, or longer, after Labor Day, so don’t give up yet on fun in the sun. For summer’s last hurrah, do it right with these are six essentials for entertaining and enjoying the outdoors. Gear up and get […]
  • July 13th | Working out with your mate leads to better body and mind connection
    From Soul Mate to #SWOLEMATE: Benefits of Working out with your Sweetheart by Denise Locsin Looking for a way to bond with your sweetheart? Turn your soul mate into your Swolemate! Studies show that couples that workout together enjoy a deeper connection, are more physically attracted to each other, and have improved confidence. The benefits of […]
  • July 13th | Mobile apps prove a boon and bust for hotels
    Mobile apps are becoming as central to the hotel guest experience as soft pillows, extra towels and a competitive price, according to J.D. Power The new mantra from front desk clerks is at savvy hotels is, “Enjoy your stay—and have you downloaded our app?” According to the J.D. Power 2017 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction […]
  • July 12th | Tie up your bored kids with string, and other summer crafts for kids
    String up your kids with this crafty decorative string sculpture wall hanging, with their own initials This craft, designed for fifth graders, will introduce kids to the irresistible fun of string art.  They can start off with this quick and cool project using just a few nails and some string to create letter boards to feature […]
  • July 12th | Sex instead of cardio, and other confessions of LA People
    Honest Tea puts Angelenos to the test, and what they revealed is (not) so surprising Have you ever wondered just how honest people in Los Angeles are? What about men vs women in L.A.? Well, Honest Tea conducted its annual social experiment in LA this week, asking people to share a refreshingly honest truth in […]
  • July 10th | Watch That (Body) Language: The Importance of Nonverbal Cues
    By Brandi Britton, OfficeTeam  “I speak two languages, Body and English.” — Mae West Mae West had it spot on. This iconic actress was the queen of sharp one-liners as well as smirks and sideways glances. In fact, body language sometimes speaks louder than words, which is why administrative professionals need to master the nonverbal […]
  • July 1st | A bedroom for all seasons
    Make your bedroom a refreshing retreat, any time of year Many a travel-weary soul has exclaimed, “There’s nothing like being home in your own bed.” Your bedroom is your private sanctuary, so make it an inviting place where you can rest, sleep and feel restored, surrounded by pure comfort and beauty. Blooming bed Bring a […]
  • June 30th | I’d rather be spinning, said no cyclist ever
    Cycle right for stress-free riding Whether for recreation or a mode of transportation, bicycling is an excellent way to get exercise and get where you want to go. Cycle safely by following riding rules for the trail, the street or anywhere your two-wheeler takes you. Be a helmet head A helmet is a no-brainer, and […]
  • June 23rd | Everything you need for the Fourth
    Get your July 4 holiday celebration off with a bang Independence Day is around the corner, so get ready to celebrate in style and spirit. Be a star at your July 4th party with festive food, drink and Americana accoutrement made for entertaining and enjoying your holiday. Hole-in-won! You can’t miss with a flag themed bean bag toss […]
  • June 19th | A little off the top
    Solutions for women at a loss about hair loss January Jones admitted it, but she was a rare case. Female hair loss is a beauty issue that many women don’t want to talk about, or even acknowledge.  In her case, Jones’ hair thinned due to frequent color treatments related to her acting career, so she […]
  • June 14th | She wears the pants
    Slimsation everyday pants, to wear wherever you are There are a lot of crop pants out there, but SlimSation pants by Multiples are not your garden-variety pants. This slimming pant, as the name implies, is designed to slim your figure, and make you look your sensational best. The pants feature a flexible tummy control panel that […]
  • June 9th | The ultimate fidget spinner
    REVOQ creators dazzle with fully loaded fidget spinner that just won’t stop The hot new fidget spinner REVOQ from WeFidget is the best thing I’ve seen since the faux Cartier diamond encrusted solid gold spinner on SNL. Though I’m not a connoisseur of fidget spinner’s, my nine-year-old son he is. He and his friends are […]
  • June 6th | Wax on, wax off
    Protect your paint and interior and keep all systems go for summer road trips Just like your Mom told you, even if the sun is behind the clouds, UV rays can be damaging to your skin; but bet she didn’t mention what those rays can do to your vehicle.  Sun, heat, salty sea air and […]
  • June 5th | Going wireless with JVC FIT Sports headphones
    JVC appeals to the competitive athlete with a new streamlined sports headphones While a lot of headphone manufacturers jumped on the Bluetooth wireless bandwagon after Apple revealed its iPhone 7 headphone-jack-less design, JVC went for a more niche audience of serious sportsters who had their own specialized needs for high performance headphones with its series […]
  • June 5th | Tech over sex and other signs of smartphone addiction
    Choosing texting over sex and other shocking revelations about our cell phone behavior in the tech age Smartphones are so much a part of our lives that we can’t leave home without them, but when has our need to check our phones gone beyond the pale? Tech-buying site surveyed 1,000 U.S. smartphone owners age 18 and up […]
  • June 4th | Amazing DIY ways to redecorate that you think require a professional (but don’t)
    Bring out your inner interior decorator and transform a room yourself, in a day, or minutes Giving a living space a new look does not always require a major renovation, or a contractor.  Here are a few DIY ideas for refreshing and reviving a room with a fresh new style, no home improvement experience required. […]
  • May 31st | Three Ways Corporate Leaders Can Inspire Peak Performance In Their Teams
    Lead  your employees to success by helping them be productive and focused One of the biggest challenges corporate leaders face every day is balancing what’s good for the team with what works best for individual employees. After all, not everyone thinks the same way – even top performers. Their motivations differ, as do their work […]
  • May 31st | No-hassle home improvement planning
    Organized planning can make turning your home upside down easier on your psyche Getting ready to undertake a home improvement project? Many homeowners get overwhelmed at the magnitude of a large DIY project or a contracted job, even simply not knowing where to start it and how to get organized. Erin Condren, organization expert and […]
  • May 31st | A summer snow skiing vacation in Lake Tahoe
    Mountain resorts make history by extending ski season to July Fourth   Careful what you wish for For the first time in history, mountain resorts in Lake Tahoe have officially extended their ski season through July 4th weekend. After several dry winters, the Lake Tahoe resorts saw their snowiest season on record, reporting 700 inches […]
  • May 30th | Best artisan ice cream in Los Angeles
    When not just any ice cream will do, indulge in summer’s favorite frozen dessert at these top LA artisan ice cream shops, where scoops are handcrafted with premium ingredients and available in extraordinary – and bizarre — flavors beyond your imagination. If the name fits “Unusually creative and absolutely delicious” is the way Salt & […]
  • May 26th | What If There Were More Women in Tech
    By Kavita G. Sahai, Have you ever heard the statement that when women lead countries, there are fewer wars? Knowing this, would it surprise you to hear that Fortune 500 companies who had at least three female directors saw increases of 53% return on equity, 42% return on sales, and 66% return on invested capital? […]
  • May 23rd | Petit Pot: Heaven in a spoon
    Glad to be a puddin’ head when it comes to the world’s most delicious pots de crème My cousin used to call people Puddin’ Head if they were dorks. Well, I’m glad to be a puddin’ head, if that means eating Petit Pot gourmet puddings every day, and every night. These amazingly delicious French-chef-made concoctions come […]
  • May 23rd | The most likeable CEO in the showroom
    Can’t stand your boss? This could be a good time for pros in the Automobile industry to consider finding a job at Volvo or Valeo. Employees at these companies have the most likeable CEOs, according to a new report from Owler, a pioneer in crowdsourced information that’s building the world’s largest database of company and […]
  • May 23rd | Smithsonian Earth’s Sea Turtle Rescue follows turtles on a journey away from endangered status
    In new series endangered turtles get rehabilitated at a unique South Carolina Aquarium  NEW YORK – MAY 23, 2017 – At the South Carolina Aquarium Sea Turtle Care Center, wildlife heroes spend countless hours rehabilitating sea turtles back to health and safety with sheer determination and compassion. Smithsonian Earth’s new, original series, SEA TURTLE RESCUE, sheds light […]
  • May 18th | Pop-Up Magazine Embarks on All-New National Tour
    The critically-acclaimed live magazine’s Spring Issue travels to San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, D.C., New York and Los Angeles Heralded as “A sensation” by the New York Times, “Something special,” by PBS Newshour, and “A hit” by Forbes. “Do not miss,” says the Los Angeles Times. Tickets on sale now at Following a string of […]
  • May 17th | Brand building the right way with Home Depot
    The leading name in home improvement opens its doors to a bunch of media influencers, and exposes the nuts and bolts of its operation I am only allowed to tell you part of what I saw at The ProSpective, but what I can tell you may alter the way you look at Home Depot, and power […]
  • May 17th | Busch Gardens Old Country, where old is better
    There’s a lot of ballyhoo about Southern California theme parks being the best in the nation, but as an Los Angeles replant and frequent visitor to all the usual suspects (Disneyland, California Adventures, LEGOLAND, SeaWorld, Six Flags, etc.,) I believe Busch Gardens  in Williamsburg, Virginia, can hold its own against the park super powers. Ride […]
  • May 15th | Guiding children through sleep anxiety
    Source: Tips to help you help your little ones get a good night’s sleep As a parent, it’s a public matter that the biggest nightly challenge you need to face is to get your kids to bed, stay there, and sleep. Of course, it’s difficult, but it’s one of the things that you need […]
  • May 12th | The little wine country that could: Temecula Valley Wine Country
    The first thing you pick up on meeting the folk of Temecula Valley wine country is that they love where they live and what they do.  Take one part wine, two parts passion, add family, and you get a blend of people dedicated to their craft of wine making and their lifestyle in this best-kept-secret […]
  • May 2nd | Chill out and bowl away the summer with season passes
    BOWLMOR AMF offers bowling all summer for one price If you think finding something for the kids to do over spring break was a challenge, get ready, summer is right around the corner. How about treating them to an affordable activity that is good exercise, in a climate-controlled environment, with kid-friendly food they love, that […]
  • April 30th | Fishing tournament a win, despite no fish
    My son and his cousin were among about two dozen participants in a new free kids fishing tournament, sponsored by Fauquier County Parks, on April 29, at C.M. Crockett Park.  The catch-and-release competition awarded prizes for the biggest fish and the most fish caught. The tournament started at 10 am so we arrived early at […]
  • April 28th | United CEO says airline will give $10K to re-accommodated passengers
    In case you didn’t see it, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz issued a mea culpa yesterday, apologizing for the horrible handling of “re-accommodating” a passenger who was left bloodied and dazed after security thugs dragged him from his seat. While many outraged consumers vowed to #neverflyunited, as a frequent traveler, I often do not have […]
  • April 26th | Mother’s Day gift ideas for the best mom ever
    Show your appreciation for your mom this Mother’s Day with one of these fabulous gifts that will make her day. Got that sunshine in my pocket-book Give Mom a gift she will cherish and literally keep close to her heart every day — the M Hulot Gia cross body bag ($199), perfect for work, shopping, […]
  • April 24th | Get on a (foam) roll
    How to use a foam roller to relieve muscle stress and soreness Dr. Michelle Beamer, PT, DPT, Cert MDT, ASTYM, Rapid Rehabilitation guides me through my roller routine.   When we hear the term DIY, we usually think of home improvement, but in an age when insurance coverage is uncertain and responsibility for one’s own health […]
  • April 21st | Smart baby monitor measures baby's sleep
    First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the Internet of Things in the baby carriage. After Baby Gigl, the smart baby bottle that notified caregivers via an app of the quantity of nutrition babies received and detected bubbles that could cause colic, now there’s Nanit, the “Tesla” of baby monitors and the first video monitor which […]
  • April 5th | Oddest Easter egg hunt promo ever
    Okay, this will probably be the yuckiest egg hunt you read about this season. Yes, I know, this is something most parents will have to deal with, and embarrassment and shame about it just perpetuates the issue, but really, did they have to bring it up in association with Easter? Here’s the pitch from the PR folks: […]
  • March 29th | Pressed for time, the Skin Laundry hi-tech facial cleans skin in 15 minutes
    Skin Laundry is an apropos name for a new breed of salon that offers the latest laser technology facials. As the name promises, the treatments clean the skin, at a deeper level than possible by other traditional  facials, and without the downtime of redness and breakouts. The treatments take about 15 minutes and are done […]
  • March 29th | Lady Gaga's Born this Way Foundation launches Channel Kindness
      New Digital Platform Empowers Young People to Document Stories of Kindness in Their Communities Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation has launched Channel Kindness, a new digital platform featuring stories of kindness as documented by young people from around the US. These youth reporters, ages 16 to 24, have been recruited to identify and […]
  • March 29th | ROKU for sushi date night
    ROKU restaurant on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood dashes the belief that you can only get authentic sushi at an underground, insiders’ sushi bar. While there may be a certain romanticism about dining at an dive sushi bar, there is much more to be said about enjoying the ambiance of a fine restaurant while also […]
  • March 27th | Suiting up for spring snow sports with fly hi-tech gear
    This year’s epic snow sports season is likely to go strong into late spring and even early summer months. Some North American resorts have reported on high-snowfall years that their slopes stay open as late as the Fourth of July. So gear up in style for spring skiing and riding with these slick head-turning fashions […]
  • March 26th | Serius: The smartest gloves on the mountain
    Serius thermal gloves are the first gloves for which I’ve had to read a instruction manual. That said, the instructions were pretty simple. Charge the batteries for about three hours, insert the batteries into the wrist cuff and press the button to the desired heat level. Oh yeah, and don’t forget, you can swipe away […]
  • March 25th | Fun food and drinks for finicky kids
    If your kids are always saying “nothing sounds good” when it comes to food, add a little fun to their snacking experience with these treats, that might even be good for them. Super veggie pizza Do your kids claim they are allergic to vegetables?  Good luck getting them to each that spinach ice cream; but you […]
  • March 17th | Grabbing green and staying PHur
    As someone who endeavors to eliminate toxic chemicals from my home environment, I am always eager to try out new green and chemical-free products. I recently had the opportunity to sample two up-and-coming brands, Green Grab and PHur, and here is what I found. Getting on my green Grab Green brand, or GG as it […]
  • March 14th | Pi Day is now a thing
    What’s Pi Day all About? When my son was a kindergartner I first heard about Pi Day.  The kids at his school competed to recite the most numerals of Pi formula from memory, spelling bee style, with students as young as six showing some amazing recall abilities of up to 30 digits without flubbing. Just […]
  • March 11th | L'Ami welcomes guests with Mediterranean ambiance and cuisine
    For a family brunch, romantic dinner or drinks with friends, L’Ami aims to please Before I appraise the food at L’Ami in Santa Monica, I would be remiss not to mention another recommendation of this charming restaurant, the atmosphere.  This Mediterranean oasis, in the middle of Los Angeles, adjacent to the popular Brentwood Country Mart, […]
  • March 6th | Cabela’s celebrates the great outdoors, opens 86th store worldwide
    Hunting, fishing and camping retailer hosts weekend fanfare with special guests, giveaways and family activities Mega outdoors outfitter Cabela’s will open its newest location in Gainesville, Virginia, on March 9. The opening ceremonies begin at 9:45 with an archer slicing through a red ribbon with an arrow. When the doors open at 10 am, guests […]
  • March 6th | Giveaway of the Xess Alexa-enabled Smart Home Hub and bonus remote camera – the next generation of smart devices
    The next generation of smart devices is here, to make your life easier, and more fun! The joke among tech geeks at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, the annual massive showcase of new gadgets, was “Does it work with Alexa?” Indeed, Alexa will soon be commanding the market – or rather we will be commanding […]
  • March 4th | Self-defense tips for kids, for the most dangerous time of day
    A Krav Maga black belt offers parents and kids advice on staying safe and self defense Unsupervised times when children wait for the school bus or walk to and from school are great opportunities for children to experience limited independence, but this is also the prime time for bullies and other predators,  which is why […]
  • March 2nd | The nightlight with a sense of style, for when things go bump in the night
    If you have kids that wander the hallways at night — getting up to go to the potty, get a drink of water, or coming to get mom or dad to scare away the monster lurking in the closet, leaving a light on will  keep them from going bump in the night, but that can […]
  • March 1st | March 3 is National Day of Unplugging : It's Official—Women Spend More Time on Their Phones Than Men
    Parents of teens and even elementary school age kids are often complaining of them being addicted to their smartphones and social media, and the sad reality is that these habits start early and follow them into adulthood.  In fact, many of them are modeling the behavior of their phone-addicted parents. March 3 is a day […]
  • February 28th | The best bribe yet, with sprinkles on top
    Just like the old punishments are not working anymore – my son scoffs at time-outs these days – the former perks of points and stickers don’t have the same motivating effect either, so our family has a new reward system. Donuts. For each A grade, chore completed without asking, extra kind gesture to a family […]
  • February 26th | Fashion Charity Helps Underprivileged Girls Believe in Themselves
    A new charity called the “Believe in Yourself Project” is helping to replace the poor body image that afflicts many girls and women. This image is heightened by what the traditional fashion industry deems as beautiful: Women are expected to appear a certain way and live up to a manufactured and unrealistic notion of what […]
  • February 26th | How to Break Up and Share Custody Without Damaging Your Child
    Unfortunately, nearly half of marriages end in divorce. For couples with children, this means potential conflict that can disrupt children’s lives and have a long-lasting negative emotional impact on them, unless the break up is handled in the most constructive manner, with the children’s best interests in mind. Assuming there is no chance at reconciliation, […]
  • February 25th | Mountains of fun at Sundance
    Sundance Mountain Resort offers year-round family friendly activities When most of us think of Sundance, we think of the film festival founded by Robert Redford in the 1980s. The indie filmmaker event moved many years ago to nearby Park City, Utah, but still today Sundance Mountain Resort remains a beacon for creatives and independent spirits, […]
  • February 25th | Survey says viewers don’t want to hear about Trump or politics at Oscars
    There’s plenty of surveys on the possible winners of the Oscars, but Pollfish conducted a survey of another kind, to find out opinions about politics and diversity at the Oscars.  Of course there’s different views on why those polled feel the way they do, but in my view, it’s not because we think actors and […]
  • February 22nd | Best states for raising kids according to salary, housing, crime, jobs
    For anyone considering a move out of state, here’s a ranking of 2017’s Best & Worst States to Raise a Family by WalletHub, a personal finance site. In order to determine the best states in which to put down family roots, WalletHub’s analysts compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia based on 40 key […]
  • February 22nd | This adorable portable battery will grow on you
    If you or your kids’ phones run out of juice at the end of the day, this little fella will come to the rescue in style.  The Cheero FLOWERS Power Plus portable battery almost makes a low battery fun. The brightly colored 10050 mAh mobile battery has a unique design of a cartoon face, with two […]
  • February 18th | Sink Shroom quick fix for broken bathroom sink stopper and clog prevention
    Recently I pulled up the metal stopper in my sink, and it came out in my hand. After fiddling with it for about an hour I gave up. A plumber told me the entire assembly needed to be replaced, at a cost of $135. I decided to live with an open drain, but after a […]
  • February 16th | Chill out at the Shade Hotel Redondo Beach
    Need a weekend away from the kids?  How about a stay-cation where you can feel a world away but you’re close enough to bolt home if the babysitter needs you?  The Shade Hotel in Redondo Beach is just the escape.  The chic and modern hotel is so waterfront that peering out of the sliding glass doors […]
  • February 16th | An expert offers fireplace do's and don'ts
    Home is where the Hearth is A fire in the fireplace warms a room and casts a beautiful amber glow that creates a cozy, inviting and romantic atmosphere. But many homeowners avoid using their fireplace because of worries about safety or the hassle of starting a fire and cleaning up the mess. Jason Cameron, DIY […]
  • February 13th | Culinary Fight Club announces 2017 competition schedule and expansion into new cities
  • February 13th | Volunteers to help clean up Venice Beach
    Heal the Bay non-profit environmental group leads effort, with after party to follow This Saturday, February 18, a thousand volunteers of all ages in the Los Angeles community will mobilize to partake in the cleanup of Venice Beach organized by Gran Centenario Tequila’s Angels On Earth program. In support of Heal the Bay in an […]
  • February 13th | World Turtle Day approaches, slowly
    “Shelfies” and “Shellebrations” bring attention to plight of world’s oldest creatures and their disappearing habitats American Tortoise Rescue, a nonprofit organizatio… Source: World Turtle Day approaches, slowly
  • February 13th | World Turtle Day helps raise awareness and protect turtles and tortoises
    “Shelfies” and “Shellebrations” bring attention to plight of world’s oldest creatures and their disappearing habitats American Tortoise Rescue, a nonprofit organization established in 1990 for the protection of all species of tortoise and turtle, is celebrating its 17th annual World Turtle Day® on May 23rd. The day was created by ATR to celebrate and protect […]
  • February 11th | Hurry up for IHOP all you can eat pancakes
    “I don’t want a huge stack of pancakes,”  said no kid ever. And IHop listened. For kids of all ages, IHOP is holding its much-anticipated annual promotion of all-you-can-eat pancakes, through February 12.   Our family headed out to our neighborhood IHOP to indulge. The promotion features one price for a stack of five of […]
  • February 6th | Finding O+O Sicilian Kitchen & Bar- Santa Monica's best-kept secret
    The only thing not great about O+O Sicilian Kitchen and Bar in Santa Monica was finding the place. Waze announced my dining companion and I had arrived, but we still couldn’t find it after 10 minutes of walking up and down Ocean Blvd.  We started to leave when we ran into a group of people […]
  • February 3rd | A short weekend in Long Beach
    A beach, a city, and a harbor for ships and visitors Living 17 years in LA, I visited Long Beach about half a dozen times. It served as a halfway meeting point for me and friends who lived in Orange County. We had brunch and dinner there on occasion, and I visited the aquarium with […]
  • February 2nd | Ingredients for kid-loving smoothies
    Smoothies are easy-to-make, quick energy food — and even a quick-fix meal for kids, who think they are getting a milkshake that tastes great, and they don’t even have to know how healthy it is for them. For parents who need a pick-me-up or kids who want a delicious treat that isn’t grilled cheese or […]
  • January 29th | No more running out of energy for your devices with myCharge HubPlus
    If you are out and about, running errands, picking up the kids, taking them to activities, getting the family shopping done, commuting to work, and trying to keep up with your social life, chances are your phone is not lasting as long as you are in a day.  Nothing is worse than seeing that sliver […]
  • January 27th | The 2017 Cadillac CT6 is a true driver's car, that families love too
    Our family recently had the opportunity to cruise in style in the 2017 CT6 on trip to Buena Park, California.  If you know anything about Buena Park, you know that like Texas, everything around those parts is big.  There’s a lot more land and space compared to neighboring Los Angeles, and wisely developers have built […]
  • January 23rd | Valentine’s Gifts for Him and Her
    Valentine’s Day is an occasion to express our love for those who are special in our lives.  Show your sweetheart you care with these thoughtful Valentine’s gifts for her or him that are sure to warm your loved one’s heart. I heart dogs For those of us who love our pets, the way to our […]
  • January 19th | Finding liquid gold at Fig & Olive
    My epicureanly enlightened son proclaimed at age 7, “I could not live without olive oil.” And so it has been. Almost daily we find a use for olive oil in our diet, and when we dine out, it is olive oil, not butter, in which we douse our bread. So imagine my delight to find […]
  • January 11th | A date night at Fleming's steakhouse
    Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar in Beverly Hills has a hipper swagger than your traditional steakhouse. It has the dim lighting, crisp white table cloths and large booth seating that you expect from a fine dining establishment, but unlike the staid and almost library-like atmosphere of many steakhouses, Fleming’s feels like a party. This […]
  • January 11th | B8ta hits Silicon Beach, expand retail locations for tech prodcuts
    “What’s old is new again” is a philosophy that one would never imagine apply to technology, but B8ta proves it does.  The world is migrating to online commerce, but nostalgic consumers once again crave the brick-and-mortar store experience. Clicking to buy is convenient, but the missing link is a sales person to explain the benefits […]
  • January 11th | Special family dining at Las Brisas in Laguna Beach
    When choosing a restaurant for a special occasion, such as an anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, holiday dinner or a family celebration, the ideal venue should be as memorable as the event, a tall order which Las Brisas in Laguna always aims to fulfill for its guests.  My second to last visit there was […]
  • January 4th | Parenting ins and outs for 2017
    Love those “in” and “out” lists for the New Year?  Here’s one from CARE.COM , with their predictions for parenting and workplace trends for 2017. 1.Grit-Style Parenting – Say goodbye to participation trophies, and hello to teaching kids some grit. Recent studies have shown that the characteristic of grit is the key to happiness and success, and in a world […]
  • December 23rd | Salt and Straw serves up best scoops in LA
    Two years after it has been established on Larchmont Boulevard, Salt and Straw is still blowing up the sidewalk every night of the week. Even on a Tuesday night at 10 PM, there is a line out the door and 20 people long outside the ice cream shop. In a town where indie shops come […]
  • December 21st | Taking up mountain biking? Get the right gear for your ride
    I was an avid mountain biker in my early 30s, and once again I have taken up the sport, more than a decade later, to find that lots has changed. The trails and techniques have not changed much, but I have. Luckily, mountain bikes have changed too, and newer models are much more suited for […]
  • December 17th | A hi-tech makeover for a family room
    The Brown family was immersed in technology in their daily lives at work and school, but at home, their living room was still in the dark ages. Here is how Los Angeles interior designer Andee Ferrer took on the task of transforming the “great room” of their 1930s Spanish-style duplex into a contemporary, smart and […]
  • December 17th | Creating a hospitable and habitable basement living space
  • December 16th | Hostess and foodie gifts for the season
    If you want to bring your holiday party hostess something more exciting than the usual potted poinsettia, or if you have a foodie on your gift list, here are some exquisite, tasteful hostess gifts that your host will appreciate and savor. Hit oil A gourmet household cannot live without olive oil, and the most discerning […]
  • December 13th | Family Attractions in Carlsbad
    Most people think of Carlsbad, California, as the town where LEGOLAND is located. The theme park is certainly a main attraction, but Carlsbad has much more to offer, including many unexpected charms, as our family discovered on a recent trip. About 90 miles from LAX, or two to three hours by car depending on traffic, […]
  • December 13th | Ways to talk to kids about sexual abuse
  • December 9th | 7 savory snacks for the holiday season
    There are plenty of goodies to nibble on and imbibe during the day holiday season to fill you up like a bowl full of jelly. Here are some sweet snacks and twists on traditional treats and drinks for you and your guests that taste good and will get you on the nice list. Party poppers […]
  • December 8th | Holiday safety for familes
  • December 4th | 10 creative, fun and engaging gifts for kids
    Kids of all ages get excited about the latest electronics, and tech-savvy parents know that sharing in their kid’s enthusiasm and wonder for technology is an excellent way to bond. When kids have reached their screen time limit, it’s time to get real with physical games and toys that engage them the old-fashioned way. For […]
  • December 3rd | Tech the halls: 12 gadgets for the techie on your holiday gift list
    If you are shopping for a tech geek this holiday season, here are 12 great electronic gifts that will light them up. Take charge The myCharge RazorPlatinum portable charger ($99.99) is the perfect companion for the MacBook on the go. It charges a MacBook in 100 minutes via a USB – C port, and it […]
  • December 2nd | Personal holiday gifts that show you care
    Giving someone a personal care gift can be touchy. For instance, unless a woman has asked for a cellulite massager, she might take it the wrong way. Here are six non-offending personal gifts that loved ones are sure bring comfort and joy. No Pain, their gain The Oska Pulse device is the latest technology in […]
  • November 17th | Temecula, the little wine country that could
    The first thing you pick up on meeting the folk of Temecula Valley wine country is that they love where they live and what they do.  Take one part wine, two parts passion, add family, and you get a blend of people dedicated to their craft of wine making and their lifestyle in this best-kept-secret […]
  • November 15th | What to do at the Santa Monica Pier
    When I lived in Washington, D.C., every visitor from out of town wanted to site see downtown — the White House, Washington Monument, the museums and the other landmarks and attractions. As a resident of LA, visitors asked me to show them the Hollywood sign, Sunset Boulevard, and always, my favorite tourist spot, the Santa […]
  • November 8th | Six things that are better on a treadmill desk
  • November 6th | Change your clock, check your smoke alarm
  • October 23rd | Affordable food delivery from GILT
  • October 23rd | New device helps fight back when pain rules your life
  • October 23rd | Cox Farms: simply the best
  • October 16th | Hacks for the camping newbie
  • October 4th | HARMAN and Little Kids Rock Launch "Jam Zone" Online Music Hub
  • October 3rd | A boy’s first boat and passing on a fishing family tradition
    Fishing with my father as a child is something I will always remember. He would take my mom, me and my brother out on his Formula cabin cruiser boat, where he was captain of the world, and we would anchor in the Rappahannock River; or when the water was calm he would take us all […]
  • October 1st | Tracking the trackers
  • October 1st | Cake by the ocean – and wine and seafood too – six great Santa Monica restaurants
    The beach city of Santa Monica is known for its iconic pier and beaches, but it is also renowned as home to many of the finest and trendiest restaurants around Los Angeles.  Here are some of the favorites for locals and visitors alike, to suit every taste. Welcome to Italy on the Westside Locanda del […]
  • September 30th | National Taco Day – it's a thing
  • September 28th | Northstar California Welcomes the Family That Skis Together with Laid-Back Luxury
    For anyone who loves snow sports but dreads hauling equipment to the slopes, Northstar Resort on Lake Tahoe’s California side has thankfully perfected the concept of the ski-in-ski-out resort. Beginners Luck The Village at Northstar has just about everything a family needs on a ski vacation, from shops like North Face and Burton to family […]
  • September 28th | Do Disney right – making the most of your visit to the happiest place on Earth
    Planning a trip to Disneyland or Disneyworld?  Disney resorts are known as the happiest places on earth, but it can turn into the most miserable place on earth if you do not plan your trip properly.  Make the most of your family’s Disney vacation with these tips to de-stress your visit and maximize your time […]
  • September 28th | When sore throat strikes, this spray knocks it out
    After a sleepless night in a chilly tent camping out with my son’s Cub Scout pack, I awoke with a sore throat.  In preparation for cold season, I was prepared.  I had armed my medicine cabinet with something news this year, Nature’s Jeannie All Natural Throat Care Spray.  My hope was that this elixir would […]
  • September 14th | Essentials for an endless summer
    No matter what the calendar says, it’s still hotter than August outside.  Until the thermometer gets the word that Autumn is on the way, drink up, stock up and gear up to beat the heat with these Indian summer essentials. Nothing’s cooler than a well-dressed pool Dress up your pool with fashionable floaties that will […]
  • August 23rd | IHOP gets behind No Kid Hungry
    A Special $1 Buttermilk Pancake Short Stack Day on August 23 Punctuates Efforts as IHOP and its Franchisees Aim to Serve One Million Pancakes in One Day to Benefit No Kid Hungry If your family loves IHOP for breakfast like mine, you will be happy to know that your next meal of short stack pancakes, […]
  • August 23rd | Amped Wireless offers new Wi-Fi solution with improved safety tools for kids online
    If you hate those “reloading” reloading messages when you are streaming your favorite shows, and you worry about what content your kids are accessing online, Amped Wireless has a new solution for your family. Amped Wireless, the leading manufacturer of high power, long range wireless solutions, is bridging Wi-Fi performance, security and simplicity with the launch of ALLY, […]
  • February 27th | Single Moms Need More Sleep – Sleep Week Tips
    It’s National Awareness Month March 1-6, and one particular group is probably the most aware of the need for more sleep – single moms. A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that women in general get less sleep than men, and single moms fare the worst when it comes to […]
  • January 25th | Tips for remodeling on a budget
    Remodeling a home can be a hefty investment, but there are ways to cut the costs and completely renew your home without breaking the bank. Knowing how to do this can be very important when you’re trying to sell your home and margins are tight; after all, you don’t want to invest $20,000 into a […]
  • December 4th | Five fabulous fashions for style and comfort
    When it’s time to clock out, unplug, and unwind, dress down in style in these relaxed fashions Dapper do-gooders There can be many interpretations of work causal, but you can’t go wrong with the laid-back but buttoned-up looks of Toad & Co. The versatile Cruiser Cord Skinny pant ($90) looks great at the office but […]