The weather is hot, the pool is cool, the kids are out of school. Here’s what you need indoors and outdoors, for fun in the sun and summer entertaining.

Glide through summer

Cruise through the neighborhood, head to the pool, or coast over to your BFF’s house, and arrive like a rock star on the Razor Hovertrax DLX 2.0. This ultimate Nirvana-on-wheels hoverboard features a self-balancing deck that makes it easy to mount and maneuver, and the anti-slip rubber traction platform lets you stay in control for a smooth and easy ride. The exotic finishes and multi-color LED lights will make your entrance memorable, and the 60-minute extended-life battery will keep you going for the long haul. The powerful but silent motor can move you at up to 9 miles per hour, and the shatter-resistant polymer frame and fender bumper keeps your board looking sweet ride after ride.

Mighty bike

The bike paths beckon over summer break, and the serious cycling kid will love power peddling through the neighborhood or catching some air on an Islabike, the Rolls Royce of specialized bikes for young riders.

This high-end brand of bikes, created by renowned British bicycle designer Isla Rowntree, respects the young rider with quality construction and attention to detail never before seen in a child’s bike line – down to the option of the child’s name embossed on the frame.


Built as light as possible and ergonomically sized for children’s bodies, Islabikes fit and feel right for kids. As youngsters in their formative years hone their skills, the Isla design gives them the advantages of a high-performance bike, preparing them for the next level of competitive riding, or recreational cycling at its finest.

Cool for the pool

Summer is for lounging, and for hanging at the pool or lake, so why not combine the two with the Airhead Sun Comfort Cool Suede Zero Gravity Lounge. This upright floating lounge allows you to feel weightless as you relax in a comfortable position for reading, tanning or checking out the views, while you keep cool with a beverage in the convenient drink holder. String up the lounger through the molded rope holder and tether yourself to docks, buoys, boats or other loungers. Available in three vibrant colors of sapphire, line and raspberry.

Cookies that complete you

Kids at camp compare care packages, so make sure your little camper has snacks that rule. Load ‘em up with an assortment of cookie goodies from Complete Cookie by Lenny & Larry’s. These freshly-baked protein packed cookies are vegan-friendly, non-GMO and free of soy/dairy to appease a wide array of dietary needs and come in a variety of flavors like the scrumptious Double Chocolate, Snickerdoodle, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and more! Their new 2oz cookies with 8 grams of protein & 5 grams of fiber is the perfect size to satisfy hunger and give them the energy to paddled across the lake.

Fat is where it’s at

Headed out for a day of summer sporting? Power up with FBOMB’s all-natural macadamia nut butters, with plenty of energizing good fat, which is what the “F” stands for. Each 1-ounce snack pack is a handy squeezable pouch of deliciously creamy, low-sugar nut butter with nut bits, all gluten-free, non-GMO, vegetarian, keto- and paleo-friendly. Available in three flavors: Macadamia with Coconut, Macadamia with Sea Salt, Macadamia Pecan with Sea SaltSalted Chocolate Macadamia.

Ferociously good snacks

Sleep in on the lazy days of summer and let the kids make their own breakfast, or snacks, with Kodiak Cakes, exclusively at Target. The brand known for their protein-enhanced Flapjack & Waffle mix offers a wide range of whole-grain protein-packed breakfast treats and snacks in self-contained cups with powdered ingredients that can be stirred up with a little water or milk and microwaved for a mini-meal or muffin in about a minute. Flavors include Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie Cup, Blueberry Muffin, Homestead Cornbread, Buttermilk & Maple Flapjacks.

Get Jaded

Entertaining indoors or outdoors, a summer scented candle adds an ambiance to your gathering. The fresh, sweet aromas of the Jaded Candle collection will elevate any space, with clean, refreshing fragrances. Jaded candles are handmade from 100-percent pure soy and contain no additives, chemicals or colors. The natural ingredients ensure a healthy, soothing aroma for any occasion, in seasonal scents including Himalayan Bamboo, Hydrangea, Island Hibiscus.

Chem-free pest control

When the summer months arrive, so do insects. Keep them out of your home and away from your family naturally with EarthKind’s Stay Away fast-acting pest repellent products. In the form of sachet-like pouches doused in botanical oils that humans find pleasant smelling, but bugs hate, these products ward off all kinds of pests, from mice and spiders to ants. The pouches are powerfully effective yet contain no poisons or toxic baits, and can be used anywhere indoors, in kitchens, pantries, closets and basements. Sold at Target.

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