Combating learning loss over school breaks


Preventing academic backsliding takes effort

Kids are back to school, and parents, kids, teachers and just about everyone agrees, summer is too short. But educators all agree that one aspect of summer makes it too long, and that is learning loss. This is defined as the amount of education that children forget over their summer break.
After approximately two months, researchers point out that kids can lose up to 30% of their educational gains during the year. Parents have many options to combat learning loss, including working with teachers to come up with a summer study program, whereby children dedicate a portion of their day to learning activities, specifically reading, writing, and arithmetic. The problem is that many parents work and don’t have time to teach their children at home, and this is too much of an ask for most nannies and babysitters. Experts day there are other options other than summer school; parents just have to know where to look.
Facilities like Groza Learning Center make combating learning loss a little easier for parents because they offer a variety of programs that can be designed around an individual child and the child and parents’ learning objectives. Programs like those at Groza Learning Center not only keep kids engaged over the summer, they can help associate summer fun with learning, to help children develop a positive attitude about schooling.
The number of hours a child needs to be involved in educational activities over the summer varies child to child, but generally at least a couple hours per day can help children retain more of their learning, and most experts agree structured programs also contribute to good discipline and good habits that a child can carry on beyond schooling.
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