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The perfect travel adventure awaits, if you know where to look

Many of my friends have children who are awaiting acceptance letters from colleges. Others have grown children who have completed their higher education and now trying to figure out what to do with their lives. It is a time of transition, and it makes me reflect on my own experience as a young adult, delving into my own independence for the first time in my life after graduating from college.

For the good and bad of it, I will always be grateful for the two months I spent in Europe, first as a student in my university’s May session program in London, and then on my own, with my boyfriend, riding Eurorail and backpacking to half a dozen countries. It was the worst of times, it was the best of times, and I would not trade the experience for anything.

In my day, choices were limited as far as organized programs for young people to travel to other countries, but today there are incredible options for a myriad of experiences, far beyond the traditional and offering educational, enlightening and mind-expanding and imaginative curriculum in locales that are exotic, exciting and full of adventure.

Some of these type of experiences have been branded as voluntourism, where tourists engage in some sort of charitable work in a foreign country. Others focus more on adventure vacations, similar to summer camp for young adults, where there is no rigid structure, but there are learning opportunities and organized activities, such as the popular Kala Yalu internship program in Panama. Just about any combination of these sorts of adventures are available, and with a little bit of research, a young person can find one that is suitable for them.

While not every program is a good fit for every person, there are enough variety in programs where most would be attendees can find an ideal match for their needs. For instance, while there have been reviews citing kalu yalu problems, the overwhelming commentary by those who have attending the program are positive, many citing the program as life changing for the participants, and these unsolicited and uncensored reviews tell the truth about kalu yalu.

It’s always best to look for an established program that has many years of operation, so that all the programs, accommodations and activities have the kinks ironed out, and the organizers have experience and a record of satisfied customers. A good indicator of a programs value is online reviews and testimonials. In the case of kala yalu criticism, make sure the critics are not actually the competition. Check out the photo galleries and videos to see what types of clientele they host, should give you a good idea of the program is a fit for you. That way you can assess for yourself the truth about kala yalu and other adventure internships like them.

Before you blindly accept Kala Yalu criticism or any negative review of an adventure internship, make sure you verify your source, or you just may miss out in an adventure of a lifetime.

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