People who prepare for the worst are the ones who save themselves, and others

A lot of jokes are made about fervent survivalists, and they are sometimes the subjects of ridicule, like the character Freida, played by Dale Soules, in the Showtime series Orange is the New Black. Many fans were intrigued to learn that the actress Soules in real life was raised up in a home without running water and was a practitioner of many of the survival skills she demonstrated on screen.


But in the end, just like on the show, the survivalists come out on top, and often they also end up saving the skeptics around them. 


Sometimes it pays to be paranoid, and in all cases, it never hurts to be overprepared. None of us wants to face the possibility of a threat or disaster, natural or man-made, but there are some basics survival tips that every person should know. 


The recent cold snaps on the East Coast, in some areas involving heavy snow and icy roads, confined many people to their homes for several days, and others were trapped on the road or outdoors. Having the right tools, supplies and knowledge could make the difference between life and death in these situations.


If you are ever involved in a disaster, do not count on FEMA or other governmental groups to come to your rescue. While in an ideal world, these organizations are there to aid American citizens, the best advice is for every individual citizen to hope for the best but prepare for the worst.


The most elemental of survival kits will include emergency survival food, water filtration supplies, power and lighting supplies, a first aid kit and medicine, cooking implements, and a means to create fire.


If you’re not sure where to start in putting together a survival kit, check out a specialist supply company, like My Patriot Supply. A company that features one-stop shopping for a wide array of products depending on your needs is much better than trying to put together a kit piecemeal from a variety of sources. Plus, using a supply source that is utilized by a number of hard-core survivalists will give you a great idea of the quality of the items according to online reviews. In general, consumers of this type of equipment are rather serious about it, and the reviews are likewise serious, and reliable.


Whether you are building a kit for yourself, as a single person, or if you are maintaining a kit for a family or a community, it is best to get professional guidance on what supplies and quantities you will need, based on likely disasters or emergencies that you might encounter. Preparedness is assuring, but a surplus is a waste. 


Besides going to reliable websites, like My Patriot Supply, you can also find a number of great books that will educate you on everything from growing your own organic fruits and vegetables to living in drought conditions.


While it’s hard to prioritize survival knowledge, first aid is probably the most critical, as a minor injury could turn into a major one if not treated properly, and preparedness for stings, sprains, burns, allergies, and fractures, which are some of the most common injuries, can help alleviate the distraction of minor injuries in a situation where all your critical faculties are needed.


The key to surviving a life-threatening situation is preparedness. No matter how many public service announcements are broadcast or community workshops held, most of us think we have time to do this, and we put it off. As those who have lived through harrowing experiences can attest, self-reliance will be your savior, so don’t wait to safeguard yourself, and your family.

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