DSC_0668Okay, this will probably be the yuckiest egg hunt you read about this season. Yes, I know, this is something most parents will have to deal with, and embarrassment and shame about it just perpetuates the issue, but really, did they have to bring it up in association with Easter?

Here’s the pitch from the PR folks:  This year there is a new type of “egg hunt” you’ll want your family participating in: a hunt for Super Lice and lice eggs. With the continued news of Super Lice invading most of the country, parents might be worried their little ones are picking up more than just chocolate bunnies this spring.

To help the local community, Lice Clinics of America wants to give families the opportunity to eliminate lice and eggs with their own Egg Hunt on April 8th. On that Saturday, clinics in Tustin, LAX, Los Angeles, Huntington Beach and Pasadena will open their doors offering treatments free of charge, helping those who might otherwise not be able to afford proper lice treatment or have been unsuccessful with home treatment and would just like the nightmare to end.

Being the only option to cure super lice once and for all, the clinics use a 3-step process which includes the FDA-cleared AirAllé, which kills lice and eggs through dehydration. Families are guaranteed to go home lice-free, just in time for the holiday.  

So hop on over and have your head checked!  That last sentence was mine.

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